About Weed T-shirt Shop Owner Diane Gracely

About Weed T-shirt Shop owner Diane Gracely. Diane was born in 1964 with Charcot Marie Tooth disease. CMT permanently disabled Diane in 1997 and put her in a wheelchair. Diane’s feet had become badly deformed due to the progression of CMT. However, she was never one to give up on anything. She began searching for an orthopedic doctor with knowledge of CMT. Eventually she found Dr Paul Juliano in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Dr Juliano reconstructed both of Diane’s feet and got her walking again.

Although, Diane knew it didn’t stop CMT from progressing, it gave her hope. Today, Diane can still walk, but she suffers with other symptoms from CMT. Fatigue and chronic pain is a problem many of us face. Diane takes supplements to help her fatigue. Throughout the years Diane has been on many different narcotics for pain relief.

Why Diane Started Weed T-shirt Shop

Keep reading to learn more about weed t-shirt shop. Due to Diane becoming permanently disabled in 1997 at the age of 33. She knew she needed to find a way to supplement her small monthly social security disability income. Before starting her reconstructive foot surgeries Diane bought a computer. Diane was determined to start working from home by starting a home business.

For the past 24 years Diane has created several home businesses from scratch. She then grows them into successful money making businesses. Then after a few years of success, she sells the home business for a profit. Her most profitable business sold for $50,000 in 2011. Thanks to the sale and profit Diane was able to buy a nice home in Florida.

about weed t-shirt shop
Diane’s Successful Business Sold For $50,000

The above photo is a large plaque made by a friend for Diane. It’s a copy of a newspaper article from 2007 when the local newspaper wrote a story about Diane’s home business success.

After fighting for years to help legalize medical marijuana in Florida, Diane became a patient. She uses medical marijuana for chronic pain related to her rare diseases.

Two years ago Diane opened an online t-shirt store on TeePublic. She always had a passion for creativity. Diane started designing art and funny sarcastic quotes to add to t-shirts, accessories, and home decor. Therefore she sells her designs on over 75 products in her TeePublic store.

In February 2021, Diane decided to put some focus on weed, cannabis, and marijuana designs. So Diane created this website about Weed T-shirt Shop to help promote and sell these designs. Diane adds new designs to her TeePublic store daily. Click on the “Shop Here” link to go to her TeePublic store to see all weed designs and the products available.


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