CMT Genetic Testing

CMT genetic testing video created by patient, Diane Gracely. Watch her story unfold through blog posts and videos.

Diane is going to finally find out her gene mutation at age 55. Therefore, she created a video showing her excitement. Check it out and don’t forget to Subscribe to her YouTube Channel. After all, you don’t want to miss her short videos of her slowly sharing her life story.

In addition, Diane also shares the information for her new neurologist located in Orlando, Florida. Plus the doctor is director of a NEW Neuromuscular Program. Most importantly, the doctor has experience with Charcot Marie Tooth disease. She’s passionate about helping CMT families. The doctor does CMT genetic testing too. Isn’t that awesome?

cmt genetic testing
New Design By Diane

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Did you see how excited Diane is in her video? She cannot wait to receive the results of her test. Knowing the gene mutation may help her sister too.

In conclusion, Diane will be making another video about the new doctor in the next couple of days. Stay tuned for more videos and blog posts.